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Humber College Food-borne Illness

Food-borne illness is serious and it is unfortunate that it usually is only brought to our attention after a significant outbreak, like what is currently unfolding at Humber College – North Campus. The number of people who have affected by the outbreak at Humber College has risen to nearly 200 as officials fight to understand its cause, Toronto Public Health said Saturday. As the illness was first brought to the public’s attention on Thursday, Humber College is doubling their efforts in [...]


Mandatory Food Handler Certification

The most effective method for preventing food borne illnesses is through food handler education, because many of illnesses are caused by mistakes made by food service workers. This is why many provincial governments and local municipalities have legislation that makes food handler certification mandatory. In Alberta, the provincial food regulation requires: ” A person operating a commercial food establishment must, at any time when there are 5 or fewer food handlers working on the premises, ensure that at least one individual [...]