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How to Teach Food Safety to Your Children 

The words children and sanitation don’t really go together. Our kids aren’t afraid to put anything in their mouths, whether it’s germy hands or some foreign object they find on the ground. While their bravery and curiosity about how the world tastes can be admired, it’s also one of the reasons our children are constantly getting sick. Teaching our kids to cover their nose when they sneeze or cough is important. Teaching kids about proper food safety is just [...]


5 Food Safety Tips to Prevent Foodborne Illnesses

An estimated 4 million Canadians get sick from foodborne illnesses every year. Bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other pathogens can cause stomach discomfort, fever, and even more severe symptoms. An estimated 4,000 people are hospitalized each year due to foodborne illnesses. If you work in the food industry, it’s crucial that you take the following steps to keep your food safe: Sanitize Everything Make sure you’re practising proper hygiene. Start with making sure that your employees are properly washing their hands before handling food [...]