Food Safety Certificate Course in Edmonton, AB

Food borne illnesses

Food-borne Illness is a major problem and cause for concern. Thousands of people become sick due to incorrect food handling procedures. This type of illness occurs when contaminated food or water is consumed. Food-borne illness in some situations can cause death. It is important for food establishments to take caution when handling food and ensure that the employees have acquired a valid food handler certification. If a food borne illness is reported, it can cause the establishment thousands of dollars.

Food handlers certificate edmonton

How to acquire a food handlers certificate in Edmonton

Probe It Food Safety can help you and your company attain a food handler’s certificate with our food safety course in Edmonton.

Our teachers are flexible and mobile, so they’re able to come to your location and get you and your entire team certified in food handling.

Contact us at (416) 662-3003 or register online for a course to get your food safety certificate in Edmonton today!