Food Safety Course British Columbia

Online Food Safe Level 1 Course in BC

Do you dream of working in the restaurant or hospitality industry in BC? Now, you can with Probe It’s FOODSAFE Level 1 course. This food safety training and certification program can be taken anywhere at any time, and it’s available online for your convenience. Don’t let a lack of proper certification get in the way of your dreams of working at a restaurant, bar, hotel, or resort. Learning how to be food safe in BC can be accomplished in as little as six hours! Plus, you can take your exam online right from your very own computer!

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FOODSAFE Level 1 Online Course

Anyone wishing to work in an industry where food is prepared, cooked, and served must complete a BC FOODSAFE course. Probe It’s online course makes learning safe food handling practices fast and easy while giving students up to three tries to pass the FOODSAFE level 1 test.

What Do You Get with Probe It’s Food Safety Level 1 Training Certification Program?

  • Complete online learning that includes interactive games, real-life scenarios, review questions, practice tests, and three free online retake attempts.
  • A nationally recognized certificate that allows you to work in any province or territory.
  • Freedom and flexibility: you have 30 days to complete the six-hour course and take the exam.
  • Start at any time.
  • Finish the course in as little as six hours!
  • Instant access to your exam grade after submission.

Certification emailed to you in less than 24 hours after passing your exam!

What Are the Benefits of Getting My FOODSAFE Certificate in BC?

There are many reasons for becoming a certified safe food handler in British Columbia. To begin with, you will not have access to as many opportunities in the food and hospitality business without proper certification, as it’s becoming the standard workplace requirement across all provinces and territories.

Knowing how to properly handle and prepare food doesn’t just look good on your resume. It also instils trust in your customers who recognize the province’s high standards of food safety. By becoming certified, your customers will have faith in your restaurant or hotel’s high level of cleanliness. Establishing a reputation for food safety is what keeps customers coming back and generates five-star reviews.

Learn Food Safety in BC With Probe It!

With Probe It, there’s more than one way to get your food certification. Are you an administrator or manager of a restaurant, daycare, food truck, hotel, etc.? Now, you can buy multiple courses and manage and track employee progress under one login.

What are you waiting for? No other BC food safety program offers as much flexibility and freedom as Probe It. All you need to take our online Food Safety Level 1 training course is an internet connection and a willingness to learn.

Earn your FOODSAFE level 1 certificate by enrolling in Probe It’s online food safety training course. Register today!