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Blended Learning

Online Theory and In-Class Exam

The blended learning method of our food handlers’ course in Ontario is our most popular option for managers, as it combines online learning and the final on-site test. If you don’t have time to schedule onsite training for every member of your staff, our blended learning course makes life simple for you by letting you schedule the one-hour exam with one of our proctors. Give your team the flexibility to complete the course online.

Once you select the blended learning course, you will have open access to online course material and can schedule your one-hour exam with one of our proctors.

Refresher Course

The refresher course is for seasoned employees who have already worked in the industry in Ontario for many years and who want to challenge themselves to retake the test. This is a great course for servers, cooks, and employees in the foodservice industry who want to stay on top of their profession and gain some new insight into safe food handling.

The refresher course and exam take approximately 1.5 to 3 hours to complete. Students do not need to hold a previous certificate to take this exam.

Full-Day Course

The full-day course offers in-class training and is the most traditional method of learning safe food handling. The course is generally completed in one day and is ideal for staff members of new restaurants, hotels, etc. Inspire your employees to work together as they learn the safe and proper way to handle food and establish your business’ reputation of cleanliness and food safety.

Training Schedule

You need to be certified in Ontario!

Whether you’re a restaurant owner or operating in any other food-related business and organization, you need a food handler certificate and a food safety plan. Both of these documents will be requested by inspectors when they pass by before your business’ opening. Expect them to return for an inspection every four to six months from that point on, however, inspectors can return without notice for a surprise inspection. If you have your food handler’s certificate for Ontario and are enforcing the best food safety practices, you and your business should pass with flying colours.

According to section 32 of Ontario’s Food Premises Regulations, only individuals who have a food handler’s certificate can be employed in food-related businesses. A minimum of one certified employee must be on-site during all hours of the business’ operation.

In Class Training

We provide food safety training in-class sessions for novices and professionals in food-related businesses and organizations. Sign up five or more of your employees, and we’ll teach your course on-site! Under the direction of a certified public health inspector, we guarantee you will pass our course and thrive in any food handling environment.

Get your food handler’s certificate in Ontario today by registering for online, on-site, or in-person courses!

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