Food Handlers Certificate Course in Mississauga, ON

Food Borne Illnesses

Many people spend more time looking at the menu of a particular food establishment than looking at that restaurant’s track record of food safety violations. We can burn off calories by exercising, but we cannot burn off illnesses that are caused by a lack of proper food handling techniques. Waiters are keen to tell us about menu items, but they don’t warn us about salmonella. Even though these matters are important, many people don’t want to hear about it when they have a plate of their favourite steak in front of them.

Every year millions of Canadians become sick due to food poisoning and other food-borne illnesses. One reason is that employees often don’t possess the food handling knowledge that would protect customers from these preventable food illnesses. Restaurant owners also don’t encourage their employees to get a food handler’s certificate available in Mississauga.

How to Attend a Food Safety Course in Mississauga

Probe It Food Safety can help you and your company attend a food safety course in Mississauga.

Our teachers are flexible and mobile so they are able to come to your location and get you and your entire team certified in food handling.

Contact us at 416 662 3003 to inquire further about our on site food safety courses in Mississauga or register online for a food safety course and get your food handlers certificate today!

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