Food Safety Train-the-Trainer

Food Safety Train-the-Trainer

Instructors Training Kit
Approved, Accredited, and Easy!

Now you can build the skills you need to teach food safety!

Probe It Food Safety’s Instructors Training Kit contains everything you need to easily and effectively train and certify your employees, staff and clients in the food safety industry. You will also get copies of the national food safety trainer guide, food handler certification student handbook, full training presentation, and certificate requests at our exclusive trainer rates.

Minimum 50 certificates will be charged annually to each trainer.

Note: Training materials comply with regulatory requirements and are up to date in each province we sell.

Product Description

Probe It Food Safetys Instructors Training Kit has all the components you need to simply and successfully facilitate an engaging food safety certification course at your office or your clients location.

Instructors Training Kit includes:

Full PowerPoint Presentation: This 300+ high quality food safety training presentation will allow you to deliver a complete classroom based food safety training with simplicity and ease. Presentation includes teaching notes and can also be customized to suit your needs. Check Demo

Complete Student Workbook: This detailed full colour student workbook can be used as a guide in classroom training.  Book contents includes high quality images, learning objectives, testing knowledge questions, skills practice and chapter review questions to prepare for final exam. Check Demo

Instructor Manual: This detailed instructors manual will guide you through the process of delivering the required and mandatory food safety topics. Includes group activities and answers to testing knowledge questions, skills practice and chapter review questions!

Training Kit Contents

  • Food safety training Instructor’s Manual
  • Food safety Student Hanbook
  • Customizable Power Point Presentation
  • Student sign in Template
  • Answer Sheet
  • Admin login to
  • Access to a Public Health inspector for all questions/queries


Who is Eligible to Become Our Certified Trainer?
Probe It Food Safety is accepting applications from individuals who are restaurant owners, managers, executive/sous chefs, and corporate trainers/instructors.
If you do not meet the above profile and still wish to apply, please complete the required application and your application will be assessed. Successful applicants will be contacted.
Probe It Food Safety reserves the right to approve or reject any person for any reason that wishes to become our Certified Trainer.

Are the training materials compliant and accepted in my province?
Yes.  All training materials and contents are developed by licensed public health inspectors and approved across Canada.

I am currently registered with another company for train-the-trainer, can I use your product to train?
Absolutely, please contact us at and we will help you with the process and get you started.

Can I customize the training materials? 
Absolutely. Our presentation is fully customizable and we can also work with you to incorporate your internal policies to the presentation.

Can I share the training materials?     
Definitely Not. Training material cannot be shared and only be used by you as a company. A contract and NDA will be signed by all parties and trainers.

I’m a consultant/trainer. Can I use this content to train clients? 
Only once you are registered as a certified trainer with Probe It Food Safety.

How is the train-the-training done?     
Our train-the-trainer course is available both online and in-class.
Online Version:You will learn and develop a solid understanding of the concepts and principles of teaching adults, how adults learn, learning retention in adults, various training styles, the roles and responsibilities of being a trainer, competencies or characteristics of a successful trainer and course design (how to create an informative and engaging lesson plan).
Course Length: 8 hours
Topics: Understanding Training and Facilitation, Gathering Materials, Creating a Lesson Plan, Choosing activities, Preparing for the Workshop, Getting Off on the Right Foot, Delivery Tips and Tricks, Keeping it Interactive, Dealing with Difficult Participants, Tackling Tough Topics
Compatible Devices: Computer, tablet, mobile phone (Android, iOS)
In-Class Version: Please contact us to get more information

Who should become a trainer?

  • Managers
  • Chefs
  • HR professionals
  • Restaurant owners
  • Corporate trainers/instructors

Train-the-Train Exemptions?
Individuals who do not need to take the Train-the-Trainer program are the following:

  1. Anyone who has completed a trainer program with an accredited organization approved to provide the trainer program.
  2. Public Health Inspectors (or equivalent)
  3. Registered dietitian/nutritionist
  4. Professors, Instructors, Teachers
  5. Corporate trainers in any food related organization

Train the trainer registration form