Food Safety Train the Trainer

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Food Safety Train the Trainer Program

Our Train-the-Train program was developed to provide certification of food handlers at an affordable cost in efforts to meet the increase demands of certified food handlers. Our program is available completely online, providing you flexibility and saving you time and money. Having in-house trainers can save you $1000’s and you can certify your entire team by embedding food safety into your organizations culture. Many food service establishments are choosing to get their owner, managers and HR professional to complete our Train-the-Trainer program in order to get their own designated in-house trainer.

Become a Trainer in 3 Simple Steps

Minimum Grade

Step 1

All trainers must receive a minimum grade of 90% on the food handler certification course.

Complete Trainer Course

Step 2

Our train-the-trainer course is available online and in class. This course will develop your training skills and help you deliver a more effective food handler course.

Document Submission

Step 3

Review our policy and procedures and complete final documents to reap the many benefits of becoming our exclusive Certified Trainer.

Our train-the-trainer course is available both online and in-class.

Online Version:

Course Length: 8 hours

Topics: Understanding Training and Facilitation, Gathering Materials, Creating a Lesson Plan, Choosing activities, Preparing for the Workshop, Getting Off on the Right Foot, Delivery Tips and Tricks, Keeping it Interactive, Dealing with Difficult Participants, Tackling Tough Topics

Compatible Devices: Computer, tablet, mobile phone (Android, iOS)


In-Class Version:

Course Length: 14 hours

Topics: The Training Function, Teaching Adults, Creating Competency profiles, Determining Training Needs, Evaluating Training Effectiveness

Location: Course is instructed by our in-class Partner SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology). Please click here to register for an upcoming session.

Special Note: Please contact us at if you need to book a train-the-trainer course at your location.

Probe It Food Safety Inc. is accepting applications from individuals who are restaurant owners, managers, executive/sous chefs, and corporate trainers/instructors.

If you do not meet the above profile and still wish to apply, please complete the required application and your application will be assessed.

Probe It Food Safety Inc. reserves the right to approve or reject any person for any reason that wishes to become our Certified Trainer. Successful applicants will be contacted.

  • Save money
  • Train anywhere and anytime you want
  • Business Flexibility
  • More time to focus on other aspects of your business
  • Managers
  • Chefs
  • HR professionals
  • Restaurant owners
  • A solid understanding of “Androgogy”, the concepts and principles of teaching adults
  • How adults learn
  • Learning retention in adults
  • Various training styles
  • The roles and responsibilities of being a trainer
  • Competencies or characteristics of a successful trainer
  • Course design: How to create an informative and engaging lesson plan

Individuals who do not need to take the Train-the-Trainer program are the following:
1. Anyone who as completed a trainer program with an accredited organization approved to provide the trainer program.
2. Public Health Inspectors (or equivalent)
3. Registered dietitian/nutritionist
4. Professors, Instructors, Teachers
5. Corporate trainers in any food related organization