Exam Rules

  1. Exam is 60 minutes, please take a bathroom break before exam.
  2. Be sure to remove all material from around you such as notes, books, phones or any electronic device.
  3. This is a closed book exam.
  4. External resources are NOT permitted.
  5. NOT permitted to communicate with others during the exam.
  6. ANY cheating violations such as opening prohibited programs/applications or websites will force close the exam and as a result no refunds will be issued.
  7. NOT permitted to leave room during exam.
  8. NOT permitted to cover camera/microphone during any point of exam.
  9. Digital resources are NOT permitted.
  10. NOT permitted to have another person with you in the same room.
  11. Your exam will be reviewed again to ensure no cheating occurred.
  12. If anyone is caught cheating in ANYWAY/FORM, they receive an automatic fail and no refunds.