About Us

Who We Are

Probe It Food Safety is striving to be the leader in providing education on preventing food-borne illnesses, to the food service sector.

In August 2016, Probe It Food Safety transformed the food handler certification platform. We introduced a new service, which was the first ever in North America – secured, proctored online food handler certification exams!

We were the first to innovate and introduce remote proctors 24/7 for taking the food handler exam. This meant our customers across Canada were able to login and take a food handlers exam – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere and anytime!

Probe It Food Safety’s programs and services have been developed by the experts in the food service industry – Public Health Inspectors. The food handler certification program offered by Probe It Food Safety allows for food handlers to become certified conveniently while providing the best possible learning options. Our trainers are Certified Public Health Inspectors with previous work experience in Toronto Public Health, York Region and Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit.

Our core values are excellence, integrity, quality and respect.

Our Team

Samira Ali – Food Safety Train-the-Trainer & Certified Public Health Inspector

Samira spend almost 8 years as a certified public health inspector before working for Probe It Food Safety in 2015. She has thorough knowledge of federal, provincial, and municipal by-laws related to public health, specifically Food Safety. Samira has successfully attained Canada-wide accreditation for Probe it Food Safety resulting in nationwide recognition of the company’s food safety training.
Author of “Canadian Food Handler Certification Guide”, the primary textbook used in the Probe It Food Safety program.

Since 2011 Samira has instructed over 500 food handler certification courses and certified over 10 000 successful food handlers. In fact, she has trained many instructors as part of Probe its Train-the-Trainer program; who have trained thousands more.

Samira will work with your team to develop food safety and quality programs that meet government and industry standards. Feel free to call Samira anytime with questions or projects. She’d love to hear from you.

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Ahmad Karah – Marketing Director

Ahmad brings a wealth of experience to the daily operations of Probe It Food Safety by being directly involved with the company’s projects. His mastery of the technology along with his understanding of consumer behavior have allowed him to develop lasting relationships with clients. Ahmad oversees Probe It Food Safetys marketing campaign.

Gary Kennedy, CEO of RemedyMD and former president of Oracle USA wrote: “Ahmad has a unique combination of technical, sales, and marketing skills. Very few people are able to bring together their skills in a way that sees a problem from all three perspectives as Ahmad does.”

He is a member of the AAF and is on the Forbes Agency Council.

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Sammy – BI, Web Developer & LMS Administrator

Sammy helps to guide development and technology at Probe It Food Safety. His extensive experience in web design/development, LMS, Moodle Administration and software development has resulted in the success of Probe its online food safety presence in the Canadian market. Sammy is the force behind Probe its robust Learning Management System.

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Probe It Food Safety has undergone extensive review of its programs and services and is accredited by ALL provinces and territories in Canada.